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Soft Skills

Organisational Skills

the ability to use your time, energy, resources, etc. in an effective way so that you achieve the th...

Body Systems

This module covers human body systems, their functions and components.


Matrices are an important class of mathematical object used in many branches of mathematics, science...

Essay Planning

Planning to write an essay requires loads of planning.
Professional Learning

Leadership and Influence

Leadership is a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to "lead" ...
Professional Learning

Supervising Others

Supervising others in the workplace is never simple. All workers have distinct personalities and res...
Professional Learning

Taking Initiative

Initiative is doing what is needed at the time. Without hesitation or prompting.
Soft Skills


Being an innovative leader, taking initiative or trying to start a new entity. Being an entrepreneur...
Soft Skills

Measuring Results

Analyzing results are part of the learning process. This module covers how to scale and measure resu...
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