How to be a Successful Remote Learner

Establish a study routine
A study routine is a weekly plan for when you complete school work, just like your
school timetable. It helps you to be organised and productive, so you can create good
learning habits outside of the classroom. Your teacher will have provided you with
classwork, a course planner and may have even suggested a study plan. An example is a school Timetable, you should be completing:
English 4 hours a week
Maths 4 hours a week
Humanities 2 hours a week
Science 2 hours a week
Electives 4 hours a week
= 3+ hours a day, 5 days a week
What does a study routine look like?
A study routine should look similar to how you prepare for school each day:
- Wake up at the same time each day
- Have a big breakfast, shower, brush your teeth and get dressed
- Be in your learning space on time and arrive prepared
- Stay on task: complete two hours of study with a 10-minute break in between
11:00am: Have lunch, a rest or get some exercise
12:00pm: Complete another hour of study
1:00pm: Finish study. Spend time completing other hobbies or activities.
Establish good habits – follow your plan consistently, habits help carry you through
during any periods when you might be busy, tired or just down on motivation,

Study Routine Tips:
Separate home from studying
It is very important to keep your home life and school life separate. You can do this by
setting up a space in your home where you can do your school work each day with
limited distraction. It is best to make this space outside of your bedroom, or at a desk.
Make it a space where you can keep all your resources and have visual prompts like
course planners, a calendar and study plan/timetable.
Eliminate distractions
When you are completing school work in your chosen space, try to eliminate any
distractions like: TV, phones, social media, socializing with family etc. This will help you
stay focused on your set task.
Make yourself visible
Stay connected with your teachers, peers and friends. Make sure you are contributing
to your class OneNote or Online Learning Management System and uploading all the work that you
complete. Your teacher should be able to easily check in on you and your progress.
Create a structure
Have a copy of your course planners printed and put somewhere you can see them
every day, probably where your study space is set up.
Follow Plan, allocate time and access resources – texts, videos, blogs etc.
Figure out when you work best
Study when you are well rested and alert. You may want to begin your study earlier or
later in the day, just make sure you are completing at least 3 hours.
Building your community
You should have a group of friends and peers that you can keep in touch with regularly
to collaborate and discuss school work, but also to support each other.
Look after your well-being
Make sure you are taking the time to exercise, eat healthy and complete activities that
you enjoy also.
How to know if you’re successful?
You are motivated through your thoughts and actions, willing to engage and complete
tasks, and display persistence and self-belief that you can succeed.

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